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3 Places to Support with Confidence

camp sunshine cure childhood cancer lighthouse family retreat

campsunshine  cure childhood cancer LightHouse Family Retreat

Without getting into way too much personal information for a site selling bags and tees...I have to share these three organizations with you.  From personal experience, there are A LOT of phony/fake/unhelpful Childhood Cancer Organizations that claim to help but don't really do anything for the children or families who are going through that particular type of hell. Here are three that you can donate to and support that truly have and continue to help children and their families who are battling childhood cancer.  Thankfully our battle ended and my daughter, the little warrior woman she is, came out victorious. But there are many, many more little courageous warriors who are still in battle. These three organizations are supportive not just in speech but in deeds also. Support them with the confidence that they are doing real work for real families.

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